What We Do

The ACA advances justice and accountability for atrocity crimes in Ukraine by advising and assisting the Office of the Prosecutor General (OPG) of Ukraine on the documentation, investigation, and prosecution of war crimes and other atrocities.

People inspecting an area of the city in Ukraine that has been devastated by war.

Our Role

The ACA serves solely in an advisory and supporting role to the OPG in a manner that complements, does not conflict with or duplicate, the work of Eurojust’s joint investigative team (JIT) and the International Centre for the Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine (ICPA), the International Criminal Court, Europol, or other international bodies.

To respond to identified needs in a rapid, coordinated manner, the ACA deploys leading international experts to provide training, consultation, and strategic guidance to OPG and partner agencies. These experts bring decades of experience in the investigation and prosecution of international crimes at domestic and international levels, military and crime scene analysis, forensics, evidence databasing, and functional knowledge on specific kinds of crimes. ACA’s approach helps the OPG investigate atrocity crimes as they happen, with adaptability and urgency to match the realities on the ground.

The ACA works closely with the OPG, relevant Ukrainian government agencies, and other stakeholders to assist in conducting successful investigations and prosecution, advance justice that is responsive to victims and affected communities, and facilitate linkages with other international justice mechanisms.

How We Work

ACA experts are on the ground in Ukraine working shoulder-to-shoulder, day-to-day with their counterparts at the OPG and other relevant Ukrainian agencies. The ACA's work takes place at OPG headquarters in Kyiv, as well as with investigators and prosecutors in field offices across Ukraine.

The ACA delivers expert support through a diverse, adaptive range of activities, including: multi-day hands-on trainings, legal analysis relating to international crimes, ongoing technical consultations, prosecutor-to-prosecutor mentoring, immersive training visits to countries with experience in addressing atrocity crimes, accompanying investigators and prosecutors at sites of interest, providing background resources and research, and a range of other capacity building tools and services to support the Ukrainian government’s efforts to ensure accountability for atrocity crimes.

Montag of people in the field and classroom

Focus Areas

Our experts work to advise and assist the OPG on priority legal issues and approaches, including:

Crime of genocide
Crime of aggression
Deportation of children
Environmental crimes
Taking of civilian hostages
Attacks on critical infrastructure
Conflict-related sexual violence
Victims and witness support
Support to regional prosecutor's offices